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 2003 Donations


  General Donations received from:
  Zisa Insurance  Maria Costa
  Richard Malagiere Esq. Terah Jefferson
  Donations from a former teacher Academy Group
  Anthony Maltese Nancy Maciag
  Hackensack Roofing James D'Agostino
  Peter Simons Michael Fratello
  Anthony Marseglia White Castle Purchasing Co.
  Anthony Maltese Richard Salkin
  Joseph C Zisa Fanny Hillers, PTA
  Joseph De Falco Fred and Melanie Stagg
  Commerce Bank Allen and Jody Shapiro
  Jeffrey and Marianne Viscardi Moon Hamra
  Joan Kashork Samir Noriega
  Frank Laidlow Alsan Realty Co. LP
( David and Joni Sanzari)
  Robert Honigfeld Ruth Eckel
  Ray Eckel George Menditto
  TJ Unlimited George and Susan Spellman
  Rich and Mary Gelber James Lioy
  Anthony and Annette Marseglia Victoria A Saccaro
  John Pierce Pargellen Mc Call

The Blue and Gold Scholarship Committee thanks…

The Beefsteak Dinner held on Saturday, February 1, 2003 at the Lodi Boys'/Girls' Club raised $25, 000 toward the Blue and Gold Scholarship fund. Over 450 Hackensack Alumni and friends attended. A special thank you to Ms. Annette Miello, Special Education teacher at HHS, for organizing this successful event. To date we have collected nearly $210,000 toward our Scholarship!

Dale Houlis and Terry Sellarole for making the Atlantic City bus ride a tremendous success. A profit of $1,027 was realized from this event.

…Rich and Mary Gelber for the outstanding job they did this Halloween. They raised over $3500 for the scholarship. A great deal of work went into making the Clinton Avenue Halloween display so successful. Their friends and neighbors, Rich and Susan Plump also put a great deal of time and effort into making this a special event. There are many others to thank, especially the HHS Art and Industrial Arts Departments, in particular Bill Ackerman and Sonia Kiprios. These dedicated teachers and their students put in many hours of energy, creativity and effort to make the Harry Potter Display an incredible visual experience. We also thank Joan Cerbo, Dale Houlis, Frank Giurleo, Bobbi Maroth, Alan Petretti, Joe De Falco , Jack Giorgio and various HHS students who were there every night asking passersby to donate to our cause. Without their efforts we would not have done as well.

THE OFFICIAL TOTAL raised from the Halloween event was $3501.97! 

… Roger Maggio (Webmaster, USA) for offering his staff members, Allen Pollack and Linda Atamian to help us develop and maintain this website.

… Diane Menditto for the outstanding job she has done in updating and providing many of the pictures for our website. She has put many hours into making it look appealing, creative and informative and we have been getting many compliments from those who have seen it as to how professional it looks.


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