Memorial Donations
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  • Garcia Alston by Hackensack High School World Language Department
  • Garcia Alston by Ms. Pauline Hartley
  • Garcia Alston by James L. Allen
  • Garcia Alston by Aubrey D'Arminio and family
  • Garcia Alston by Saundra De Geneste
  • Garcia Alston by Christopher S. Duncan
  • Garcia Alston by Ed Acciardi
  • Garcia Alston by Dr. Larry W. Gingold
  • Garcia Alston by Rosemary Poppe
  • Garcia Alston by J.R. Reed
  • Garcia Alston by Frank & Cathy Pitasi
  • Garcia Alston by John K. Waddell
  • Garcia Alston by Carol and Martin Geisler
  • Garcia Alston by Adelaie Howes
  • Garcia Alston by Kenneth and Maria Crusius
  • Garcia Alston by Merrill Lynch c/o Brigit Mcevilly
  • Garcia Alston by David Beyer Realty
  • Garcia Alston by Amy M. Fink
  • Garcia Alston by HHS Faculty Fund
  • Garcia Alston by Dr. Sandra Robinson
  • Garcia Alston by Dr. Bernard and Anne Marie Saccaro
  • Garcia Alston by Harold and Elizabeth Joscher
  • Garcia Alston by Mildred Carter and cousins
  • Garcia Alston by Gabrielle A. Gilliam
  • Garcia Alston by Jacqueline Kidd
  • Garcia Alston by Angela Sanders
  • Garcia Alston by Warren A. Williams
  • Garcia Alston by Karleen H.Minott
  • Garcia Alston by John and Linda Turner
  • Garcia Alston by Laura J. Coleman
  • Garcia Alston by Valerie Cole Davis
  • Garcia Alston by the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
  • Josephine Bellocchio (John Bellocchio's mother)
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Hackensack Housing Authority
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Magdalina Szawiola
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Ed Acciardi
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Joseph and Vicki DeFalco
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Michael Levitzke
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Robert Cancro
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Roger Varvaro
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Pasqualina Lehman
  • Josephine Bellocchio by Jackson Avenue School
  • Kathleen Carucci by Ed Acciardi
  • Kathleen Carucci by Diane Menditto
  • Kathleen Carucci by Fred and Susan Decter
  • Kathleen Carucci by Nancy Prifold
  • Kathleen Carucci by anonymous teacher
  • James DeClemente by Ed Acciardi
  • Janice Davino by Ed Acciardi
  • John J. Dillon by Ed Acciardi
  • Joyce DiLorenzo (sister of John Bellocchio) by Ed Acciardi
  • Maryann Lamber by Nancy and Joseph Roman
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Steve and Nancy Gunther
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Elaine Stewart
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Ethel Stewart
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by M. Elizabeth Meek
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Anthony and Patricia Cavallo
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Leonard and Paula Kessler
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Carolyn Hubbard
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Ed. Acciardi
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Thomas Conforti
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Dina and David Ackerman
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Peggy and John Steinmetz
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Hackensack Democratic Association
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Law Offices of Elsbeth Crusius
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Perrin Mosca
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Lorraine LaPietra
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Kim Lowicki
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Michelle and Diego Marin
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Arturi, D'Argenio, Guaglardi & Meliti Law Firm
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Frances Oliveri
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Barbara Manell
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Elide Marino
  • Mr. Nunnermacker by Angela Sarrica

You can make a donation by personal or business check payable to:

Hackensack Blue and Gold Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 2032
So. Hackensack, NJ 07606-2032

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Blue & Gold Founder

Ed Acciardi
Ed Acciardi served for 35 years in the Hackensack High School system.
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Honorary Chairman

Mike Featello
Mike Fratello’s coaching career began in 1969 as a coach for basketball and football at Hackensack High School in Hackensack, NJ.
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