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Ed Acciardi served 35 years in the Hackensack High School system, as a teacher then guidance counselor, admired and respected among colleagues, students, their families and the community. Ed’s love of Hackensack High School, combined with a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of students with financial, caused him to create the Blue and Gold Scholarship Fund in 1999. His passion and commitment are admirable as they are contagious. His unwavering enthusiasm has attracted many bright and energetic B&G board members and B&contributors over the years who share his passion for empowering youth through education.


Born in New York City in May 1935, the first 29 years of his life were spent in West New York, New Jersey attending St. Joseph\'s grammar school and high school. Following high school, Ed joined the US Army served in the Korean War from 1955-1957 as a medic.


Following his honorable Army discharge, Ed attended St. Peter\'s College where he majored in psychology with minors in English, philosophy and theology. He then earned a masters degree in guidance and counseling from New York University and worked the following year as a social worker and rehabilitation counselor. In 1962 Ed became a teacher at Hackensack High School in the Social Studies Department. When an opportunity opened in the Guidance Department his path was set until his retirement in June 1999.




Ed\'s vision for a scholarship fund has resulted in raising more than $1,000,000 and giving $300,000 in BLUE & GOLD SCHOLARSHIPS to over 100 HHS graduates.


“I feel so happy that we have helped students who would not have financially been able to pursue higher education. I\'m excited to see so many graduates asyoung adults pursuing careers in medicine, sales, industry, media, science, technology, education...but more importantly finding success as family members, parents and contributing members of their communities,\" said Ed.


\"It is also wonderful that so many former students are involved with and donate to the BLUE & GOLD SCHOLARSHIP FUND, showing how much they care that those graduating from Hackensack High School today can SUCCEED through higher education that they wouldn\'t otherwise have been able to afford.\"

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